Michael Deas: Rebekah at the Well

Rebekah at the Well

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints commissioned Rebekah at the Well from renowned illustrator Michael Deas. The commission was unusual as Deas is not Mormon and the Church has not worked with non-members extensively since the days Harry Anderson. Rebekah relates the story of Eliezer finding Rebekah to be a wife for Isaac. Cynthia L. Hallen writes that, “the faith of Abraham, his servant, and Rebekah and her family remind us that faith in God is essential in all things, including finding a spouse and preparing for marriage and family life.”

Michael Deas‘ work includes a lifetime of realistic paintings, portraits, and illustrations. His work is found on the Columbia Pictures logo, more than 20 US stamps, and numerous magazine and book illustrations. His website explains, “Deas works primarily in oils painted on wooden panels, employing a combination of 19th-century techniques of grisaille and imprimatura, over which are added layers of semi-opaque paint and transparent glazes.”

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Images courtesy Michael Deas’ website.

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