Alan Torres: Mechatronics Engineer / Photographer


Alan Torres is a computer scientist and mechatronics engineer working on what he says is “an exciting new research topic related to extracting 3D information from transparent objects (stuff made of glass, cups, etc., which are very challenging by the way) using only still images (no fancy sensors required), focusing on augmented reality applications.” Torres is from central Mexico, studied in Bristol, England, and lives in San Francisco.

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Tell us how you joined the church. Joined as a teenager. One day I popped into my house and found the missionaries teaching my family at home. At first it was a very weird experience to have the missionaries at home and didn’t love the idea of being taught by them, but just out of curiosity started to listen, only motivated by the cultural learning I could get. Everything went too fast from there; my family decided to join the church before I was ready, and I joined with them just because I didn’t want to be left out. It wasn’t until six months later when I found my own testimony, drop by drop during institute classes and reading the Book of Mormon. I’m extremely happy that I did, what I’ve learned has shaped my life and pushed me to try my best. I’ve also found all of my best friends in there.

You take your camera with you when you travel. I try to keep my camera close to me most of the times. I always read the signs on the streets, graffiti, things laying around in the street. I like the urban anomalies but every once in a while I find a nice landscape I want to keep for me.

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Alan Torres