Lisa Marie Crosby: The Majestic Balance in Mother Nature

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Lisa Marie Crosby grew up in Salt Lake City and received a BFA in Studio Art from BYU. She lives in Utah with her husband and three children. She says of her working style, “In my studio, I work on a minimum of three paintings at once. Each piece serves as a catalyst for another as I literally stamp various panels together so they can connect and become changed. As I move between paintings, I draw, drip, layer, write, delete, and mix oil painting mediums.”

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How did you develop your unique style? I would say that my style of painting is constantly emerging and evolving. I try to paint according to what feels authentic and real to me, as well as what inspires me. My education highly influenced the way that I paint, as well as contemporary artists I admire.

You have said, ‘Painting is where I sort through reality and experience’. This means that as I paint, I use memory to access experiences and locations. As I progress through a painting, I go back and forth between those memories and my current situation or belief. My work comes about through this personal meditation and my own interpretation of the world.

Which Mormon painters do you find most interesting right now? The LDS artists that I find most interesting right now are the ones I know. I love seeing how their lives work and they interact with others while creating art. I like how Andrew Ballstaedt paints and draws, and he has been a mentor to me throughout my career. I had the chance to be a studio hand with Brian Kershisnik when I was beginning my career, and I found his way of creating and his commitment to making art very inspiring. Ashley Mae Hoiland’s approach to making art and using it as a catalyst to connect to others is something that also really resonates with me.

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