Nick Stephens: The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever


Nick Stephens‘ project, The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever, is a symbolical representation of temples and afterlife in Mormon theology. This mixed media on board was included in the Church’s 9th International Art Competition and Stephens explains some of symbolism in the video below–much of it went over my head when I saw the painting in person.

You do a lot of religious art, how do you pick the subjects for those pieces? Some are out of necessity, like a religious show that has a specific theme like the Church’s International Art Competition. Mostly, I work on subjects that I am interested in and that can fit my style. Especially if it is something that can be portrayed in a symbolic manner, then I am very interested in finding clever and inspired ways of interpreting that subject. I may do more illustrative work in the future, since there is only so much that can be done with symbols.

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