Steve Vistaunet: The Art of Hair and Beards

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Steve Vistaunet is an Art Director for a company in Lehi, Utah by day and does a number of creative projects by night. His banners currently hang in Provo promoting the summer Rooftop Concert Series, but his distinctive approach to hair and beards can be seen in murals around town and filling up his Instagram feed.

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How did you become an artist? I grew up in Newport Beach, California. My parents were both music fans so I grew up listening to music and going to concerts. They were always very supportive of the arts and always encouraged my music and my art. The perfect day for me during my youth was to sit at my desk, play my favorite record, and draw. And to be honest, that is still my perfect day. Ha! My silkscreen class in high school made me realize I wanted to do art for a living. There is just something so amazing about printing your own art on a t-shirt and then wearing it around. I’ve always loved the do-it-yourself mindset.

How is the Provo art scene these days? Provo is the place to be! It is really fantastic here. There is a great art scene, loads of fantastic local bands, and creative people all around town. There is definitely a great creative vibe happening in Provo right now and it’s rather contagious. There is a wonderful monthly event called The Creative Collaborative on the second Tuesday of each month where someone in the creative field talks about their career, how they got there, what inspires them, etc. The presentations are great and it’s a perfect place to meet and network with other creatives after the presentation.

Who are some of the artists you work with? During the past year, a group of six local artists including Brian Kershisnik, Fidalis Buehler, Andrew Ballstaedt, Greg Caldwell, Jacob Haupt, and myself (how’s that for a bunch of last names) have done a couple of murals in local restaurants. It was great to be with other artists creating art together. Brian Kershisnik and I also play music together and we are currently recording our first CD of music which should be out in a couple of months.

What’s your next project? I am currently designing and illustrating the concert posters for the 2015 season of Downtown Provo’s Rooftop Concert Series. I am also creating a t-shirt for the next concert. My wife and I are working on a mural for a new building in downtown Provo, and also have a coloring book in the works! For the past several years my kid’s friends, and my friends for that matter, come over to our house and we have coloring nights and just color my drawings and the coloring sheets I would make, so I decided it was time to publish a coloring book.

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