Miranda Meeks: The Strange and the Beautiful


Miranda Meeks is an illustrator living in Utah with her husband and daughter. She graduated from BYU.

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Tell us how you became an artist. I grew up in California and have been drawing since I was little. I decided to study illustration at BYU after my family moved to Utah, and I’ve been freelancing since my senior year ever since.

Your work has been called dark, mysterious, and abstract. The underlying theme in my artwork connects beauty with strangeness. I find the juxtaposition of combining darkness with beauty very intriguing, and I hope to create a similar experience for my viewers. I also appreciate when there’s a narrative behind an image, which encourages the viewer to ask questions and to maybe even create a story in their head about the image.

What tools–both traditional and digital–do you use regularly? I use mostly digital tools at the moment, and am experimenting with more traditional techniques currently. I use a combination of my Wacom Intuos Pro tablet at home and my Cintiq Companion 2 when I need to be mobile.

What are you working on next? Besides being a part of the upcoming 1001 Knights Project, I am also part of a group gallery show in San Francisco coming up in a few months. You can see the new paintings unveiled then!

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