Colby Adams Sanford: Religious Art


Colby Adams Sanford creates incredible religious pieces with acrylics, wood, and reclaimed materials. He was profiled previously for his paintings in China. Sanford says of his unique style, “Reclaiming materials and making them something beautiful – a metaphor of what Christ can do for us.”


IMG_2912 colbys7

How did you get started commercially? It has always been my dream to be able to support my family through my painting. A dream that my sweet wife has helped me realize is possible more than anybody. I just had to jump in. There was one point in China that I had this huge pile of completed paintings and not really enough space to put it all in our tiny China “apartment”. (I use quotes because we didn’t even have a kitchen–a hot plate on a card table is not a kitchen!) So I spent the week nights making a website. I put my paintings on there and surprisingly enough, stuff started to sell. I did a show when we came back to visit one summer and I sold more than half of the pieces! I am definitely still just getting started, but I have loved meeting people face to face and talking to them about my art.

How do you utilize Instagram? Instagram and I have a love/hate relationship. It pushes me to get things done every day because I try to be consistent in posting, but it also puts up such a blinded view of life. I try to keep it up as a constant connection to the people that I love and that take time to follow me, who I am, and what I do. To all of you who are following along, thank you!

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