Eric Roberts: Temple Sketches


Eric Roberts is an architect from Las Vegas, Nevada with a penchant for sketching daily in one of his many sketchbooks. These sketches in this post all come from those same sketchbooks on his many travels. He is a proud member of Urban Sketchers and his favorite architect is another sketch artist, Renzo Piano. Roberts was featured previously at The Krakens for An Architect’s Sketchbook.

St.-George,-Utah---LDS-Temple-2015 Las-Vegas,-Nevada---LDS-Temple Herriman,-Utah---LDS-Oquirrh-Mountain-Temple Washington-DC---LDS-Temple Salt-Lake-City,-Utah---LDS-Temple-Orange

With the expansion of temples in the past 15 years, how do you feel about the design of these new buildings? Until I started drawing the temples I didn’t pick up on the nuances that each of them have in the design. I suppose this is something that the church design department may be taking for granted – the fact that people will notice the nuance – but I believe that many people miss the small architectural gestures that separate these buildings. Until I started sketching them I would often bemoan the mundane nature of the repetitive designs of these buildings. We certainly have some superstar architectural temples too; and, I often wonder if I would still be so infatuated with these buildings if I didn’t know what happened inside? There are really some great temples located in incredible places.

Which are your favorite temples? Right now I would have to say that I really love the Brigham City temple and the Draper, Utah Temple. I really enjoyed sketching these buildings and had wonderful experiences with them. I have a real love/hate relationship with the Salt Lake temple. It is not only my favorite temple, but also one of my favorite pieces of architecture in the world. Still, sketching that building has caused me to curse under my breath more often than a guy sketching the temple should curse.

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