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David Oscarson is a craftsman of the highest order and his writing instruments are works of glorious art. One review remarked, “David Oscarson makes most Montblancs look like Bics.” Oscarson has been creating luxury fountain pens since 2000 when he launched his eponymous brand. His work has been featured in the Robb Report, Esquire, Inc. Magazine, and on CNBC.

Oscarson writes, “The biggest challenge today is helping people remember what a signature means: that it is an extension of one’s self. Much is electronic today, including communication, but I always prefer talking on the phone to texting, and visiting in person to the telephone – old-fashioned, maybe, but much richer, and in my mind, much more rewarding.”

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Describe yourself as an artist. I enjoy designing beautiful creations that will last for generations. Most of my collection designs pay tribute to an individual or theme, and I love to learn what draws our collectors to one design or another.

You have been creating luxury fountain pens since 2000. How has your experience been as a business owner? September 11 occurred shortly after I introduced my first collection, the Henrik Wigstrom, which is a tribute to one of Faberge’s finest craftsmen. It was a difficult time to introduce a new collection, and much more difficult to be starting out as a new brand, but people recognized the artistry of enamel and we have been acquiring new followers ever since. How did you get involved in the business. I worked for a pen company for a time, and before that was headed for the diamond business. It became my goal to create something beautiful that would last for generations, and the brand was born. What has surprised you about the experience? I guess the most surprising thing was the reaction to the Valhalla collection; I didn’t think many people would understand it, much less appreciate the design, but not only did people appreciate and understand the design; it was hugely popular and so fun to talk about!

Your pieces are exquisite. What is your approach to a new design? Thank you. I first want the piece to be beautiful; beyond that, there is always some kind of story to tell, or tribute to pay, which my collectors love to repeat in conversation.

You once said, “My favorite part of the pen business is seeing an idea or concept become a real, ‘living’ thing.” It is one thing to have an idea, and sometimes a completely different thing to actually create something from that initial idea. When I contemplate the theme for a new design, I try to incorporate aspects into the design that most people may not be familiar with, giving me, and the owner an opportunity to discuss a person or piece of history!

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Images courtesy David Oscarson.