Clotilde Hulin: The Beauty in Everything


Clotilde Hulin is a wonderful French painter. She is another honorary Mormon and friend of The Krakens. Hulin lives in France an hour north of Paris by train.

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Tell us about your development as an artist. My first memories: I grew up in a very creative background where I spent Sunday and holidays drawing, painting, and building little things with my hands. I have many memories, too, of painting leisurely in my childhood: huge papers (taller than the pupils) on the wall we assaulted with our dripping brush! Creating always give rise to pleasure. I have done photography for many years and digital painting, too!

Capturing pictures with my camera. Drawing and painting are ways to observe and find the beauty in everything. When I paint I let the brush, the fluid, move and dry and then I lay down more colors. I allow space for surprise. I want to paint a jazzman. Another one appears with my brush stroke, it was not my first idea but I can respond by laying down more color on him to let him born on the canvas. I like to paint life and happiness. I like to paint emotions and feelings.

What are some of your favorite themes in your work? My favorite themes are the body in movement and in particular dancers. And the horses—I love to see horses. I love to ride. I love to paint them, too!

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